WM Converter 3.1 Free Download

Download standalone setup of WM Converter 3.1 for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. It is a wonderful free tool for converting all the popular media formats efficiently with recording capabilities as well.

WM Converter 3.1 Review

Converting media requires efficient codecs which never affect the quality of the video. WM Converter is one of the most popular media converters which can convert between all the popular media formats like FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP3, ASF, etc. It is a friendly tool with all the options neatly organized for the easy understanding of users. Record real-time videos from specific URL and also provides a feature for automatic recording. You need to specify the name and the format before you start recording a video stream. The preview feature helps in previewing the recorded media and you can also rename the recorded media accordingly.

WMConverter 3.1 User Interface

All the tasks are performed through a click of the button. Capture any stream in the Proxy, Adapter, URL or WMX. Moreover, you can schedule a recording as well as manage the previously scheduled tasks. Change the default output folder and customize many other configurations. It is a lightweight tool which never slows down your computer and consumes a very low amount of system resources.

Features of WM Converter 3.1

Top most features of WM Converter are:

  • Media converter for converting all the media formats
  • Recording real-time videos from a URL
  • Modify the basic settings for saving the streaming media
  • Automatic recording and task scheduling
  • Manage scheduled tasks
  • Capture streams in Adapter, Proxy, URL, or WMX
  • Convert recorded media
  • Preview recordings
  • Schedule for system startup
  • Play a remote media stream

Technical Details of WM Converter 3.1

Take a look at the technical details of WM Converter before downloading it.

  • Compatible with all the Windows releases
  • File Size: 24.4 MB
  • RAM Required: 128 MB
  • Processor: Single Core Processor

WM Converter 3.1 Free Download for Windows

The below link will start downloader the standalone setup of WM Converter 3.1. It is for both x86 and x64 architecture. This release provides efficient media conversion features.

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