Gameboy advance (GBA) consoles have undeniably been a wonderland technological playground for gamers. The GBA consoles have been in existence for about two decades up until their manufacturing halt in 2010. Sweet memories linger in these sentimental games. Since technology is changing and the hardware for GBA gaming may seem old-fashioned or inconvenient to other customers, there has been a new dimension. That is the development of ROMs in the GBA gaming scene. With a wide range of epic games to choose from, GBA ROMs makes the term spoilt for choice’ an understatement

GBA ROMs are actually software copies of the same games found in GBA consoles. ROM in full is read only memory. ROM stores data. This data is in its real sense, the game it itself. However, GBA emulators are required in the personal computers to work with the GBA ROMs and play the GBA games successfully.


Thanks to the GBA ROM revolutionary development, one can download and run GBA games in their mobile gadgets i.e PCs and tablets. GBA ROMs help preserve legendary games that could previously be found only on consoles. These are games that provoke nostalgic feelings amongst gamers.

Below is information on how to run and play these GBA ROMs.

Top tips on how to play GBA ROMs:

  • Download and save the GBA emulator which functions with ROMs to run the GBA game in your PC. Wait for complete download and store the zip document.
  • Create a folder in your PC hard drive.
  • Create another folder inside this first folder. This second folder should be used to extract and save this emulator.
  • Create folder 3 in folder 2 – to put the ROMs in.


The ROMs are a prerequisite for optimum GBA gaming on the PC.

Pop ins ads should be ignored while downloading the ROMs.

Running the ROMs is very simple, you first need to do the installation and opening of the game. The ROM appears, select open and play away! Control guidelines can be obtained from the options…and joypad tabs.

The window size can also be expanded.

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It is important to note that any ROM that does not open with GBA emulator is not a video game. That is why it is highly advisable to download GBA ROMs from trusted websites like . This site also provides a list of the best GBA emulators one can get. These downloads have listings that are free of charge. GBA ROMs exhibit higher resolution that makes the gaming experience a lot more exciting.

As a gamer myself, I never thought of such technological advancements while young. The experience one gets from playing these legendary GBA games is still breathtaking. GBA ROMs have literally added more life to the GBA games, not forgetting expanded capacity and additional features from the emulators. This has provided an opportunity even for the young gamers to easily reconnect to the past of GBA gaming. Innovators also find a base from which to develop more advanced and better versions of these games.

Playing GBA ROM games help improve your coordination, due to the multitasking act of viewing the screen, selecting controls and making gaming decisions. You also improve your problem-solving abilities, this is because for you to move from one step to the next some quick decisions need to be made. Memory is greatly improved. This is from the fact that the gamer needs to remember the rules of engagement. Creativity Is greatly boosted through gaming.

Attention to detail and tremendous concentration is needed while gaming, these are very helpful skills that the gamer learns and can use elsewhere. The brain is always at work while gaming and this trains it to be fast and able to multitask.

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