Meet the Latest Apps That Ease College Life

Do you struggle with stress because of constant studying? College life is not as easy as it is shown in movies. Now you can ease your life by installing some useful applications. There is a large variety of categories for different purposes. Apps for checking the grammar, for writing an essay and even for buying cheap custom papers.

Every year, new applications are emerging to satisfy the needs of any person. But some of the old ones are still on top, and nothing can beat their popularity. We show you the list of the most commonly used apps, which are considered to be new because of their constant upgrade. Thus if using them, your college life will be structured and stress-resistant.

Let’s figure out what you need to download to make your life more organized.


This helper allows you not only to take notes but to create different to-do-lists, attach pictures and convert all this info in Doc or PDF formats. It helps to keep track of all the assignments for college. Also, this app is designed in minimalistic tones. Thus, nothing will distract you from writing. Do not waste your money on similar paid apps since this tool is free of charge one. One more advantage is that it does not require much space. So it is a must-have of any user who wants to keep all the ideas with him.


It is the best app if you are not confident in your grammar. You can insert your paper into a checker, and it will automatically highlight the mistakes. Students may turn to it without restrictions. If you choose a premium or business version of this app, you can pass your document through plagiarism. Other options available are to see overused words, hedging language, impoliteness. If you buy a premium version, it is necessary to pay monthly around $11.

Relax and Focus

Listen to the music created to ease your mind and to focus your overall concentration on one task. With the help of this app, you can study efficiently. Moreover, it does not require an internet connection. It has different categories of sounds applicable to each person. If a student needs to do homework, it will select natural sounds. Thus, the studying environment will be comfortable for him. Save the preferred tracks or create a playlist.


It is an online website and application where you can find a book with its feedback and reviews. Users share their favorite books and discuss in comments their impressions after reading. There are lots of celebrities who use this service, like Bill Gates and Stephen King. These well-known people recommend books that influenced and helped them to enlarge their knowledge. Reading is a beneficial skill for students who write papers. Because you improve the style of your language and vocabulary.


A place where students can find extra motivation and inspiration. Watch videos, read articles, subscribe to your favorite writers. There you can find even the most complex topics where the author explains it easily and funnily. It covers scientific, historic, business, art and other themes. One more option is to save interesting articles for later. They are usually not large, so you can read even while using the subway or bus.


All the above-listed applications are available for iOS and Android. If you want to save time, you can buy essay online as well. Order it and catch the deadline. Your assignment will be ready in the shortest time, and this purchase will ease your college life. Do not hesitate to share these apps with your friends. Receiving high grades has never been so easy.