GNS3 1.5.2 Free Download

Download standalone setup of GNS3 1.5.2 for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. GNS3 is a free network simulation tool with all the necessary options.

GNS3 1.5.2 Review

Graphical network simulation is provided by very few tools, GNS3 is an open source application for network administrators for network understanding through graphical simulation features. Now there is no need to buy huge equipment for understanding the network, you can create huge network simulations, placing and configuring advanced routers and get the complete understanding of the network before moving toward the actual equipment. The user interface is extremely complex but easy to understand. It is a very lightweight network utility, as it does not require high system resources. You can run it on your personal computer.

GNS3 1.5.2 User Interface

Moreover, it is not only intended for the professionals but also for the network enthusiasts who actually want to understand the network and the working. The whole environment is customizable, you can make desired changes and perform required operation easily. It determines the number of routers required to handle a network. Take screenshots and perform various other operations.

Features of GNS3 1.5.2

Top most features of GNS3 1.5.2 are:

  • Network simulation tool
  • Explains the working of the network and routers
  • Graphical network simulation
  • Create, customize and simulate networks virtually
  • Take screen shots and compare the results
  • Supports all the common emulation tools like VirtualBox, Qemu etc
  • Determine the number of routers required for a network
  • Reliable network testing environment
  • Open source network simulation environment

Technical Details of GNS3 1.5.2

Take a look at the technical details of GNS3 before downloading it.

  • Compatible with all Windows releases
  • File Size: 49.9 MB
  • RAM Required: 128 MB
  • Processor: Single Core
  • Developer: homepage

GNS3 1.5.2 Free Download for Windows

Clicking the below link will start downloader GNS3 1.5.2. It is compatible with x86 and x64 architecture. It is powerful network simulation tool with customizable settings.

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