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We live in a world where social media stands out. From communication to making new friends, from socializing to video and audio calls, finding jobs and doing businesses; everything totally relies on social media. Whereas, previously communication was costly. It was hard to communicate with people who lived far away. Besides, if the means of communications were available, they costed large sums of money. As the need for communication has increased, worldwide, the communication has become expensive. No doubt, the World Wide Web has made communication convenient, but it has also made communication expensive. Though people from different parts of the world can communicate with one another with ease, there is a hefty cost associated to that communication. The need for low cost or even free communication was always felt and hence such application that could resolve the issues were created. During the evolutionary phase of smartphones, social media and world wide web in general; applications that provided free communication options were taking birth all around the world. This is the time when KakaoTalk was also being worked upon.

KakaoTalk For iPad Free Download Free

KakaoTalk was developed by Kakao Corporation during the peak and evolutionary phases of world wide web, social media and communication and KakaoTalk was launched on 18th March 2010. Kakao Corporation, the developer for KakaoTalk is a South Korean internet company that was the resultant for the merger of two companies, i.e. Daum Communications and Kakao. The merger of Daum Communications and Kakao took place in 2014. The developer internet company was at first named as DaumKakao, which was later changed to Kakao Corporation. KakaoTalk, being the world’s most renowned Asia based mobile messaging application, according to the statistical figures is the most widely used freeware mobile instant messaging application after WhatsApp. Users looking for effective freeware smartphones instant messaging applications can download KakaoTalkon any devices, i.e. smartphone, tablet, iPad or PC bearing any sort of operating systems such as Apple IOS, Mac IOS, Android, Bada OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows NT and Nokia Asha.

The reason for KakaoTalk’s huge customer base is its extensive language support and KakaoTalk’savailability in 15 different languages of the world, making its target market wider and broader. KakaoTalk is currently used in 130 countries of the world with a usage rate of 55.6 percent of the world. According to the statistical figures of 2017, KakaoTalkhad 220 registered users from worldwide by the mid of 2017. Out of the 220 registered users, 140 million registered users are from Korea alone. According to these figures, 95 percent of people in Korea have downloaded and installed KakaoTalk on their smartphones, iPads, and PCs with registered KakaoTalk accounts, out of which, 93 percent of Koreans actively use KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk is one of the most widely used freeware mobile instant messaging application in Asia. Whereas, KakaoTalk currently has more than 50 million active users worldwide, with a wide number of users increasing every quarter, worldwide.

                Initially, KakaoTalk was developed as a freeware smartphone instant messaging application. With progressing time KakaoTalkextended its offerings for different devices such as personal computers, desktops, tablets, etc. and different operating systems such as Apple IOS, Mac IOS, Android, Bada OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows NT and Nokia Asha to ensure that KakaoTalk was accessible to maximum user all around the world, without any availability issues or glitches.

                KakaoTalk offers options for the sharing of documents, photos, audios, videos, voice messages, contact information, location, location details, stickers, emoticons, GIFs, animated emoticons, World Wide Web URLs and navigation services as well as well as other kinds of content below the size of 100MBs. KakaoTalk also offers customizable excel style chatting offers options where the change of the application background, wallpaper, text, font style, size, color and themes is not possible. Moreover, there are options such as discreet chats that provide KakaoTalk users secret chats where no record of chats can be kept. Moreover, incase if a person ever forgets to logout from KakaoTalk for PC, KakaoTalk for iPad or KakaoTalk for the smartphone, the account can be logged out remotely using the smartphone application, etc. Besides, KakaoTalk offers options to make chats privacy protected ensuring no one nobody can access or reads those chats without entering the password. KakaoTalk also offers free calling options for KakaoTalk for PC including Windows and Mac OS, iPads, Tablets as well as Smartphones. However, KakaoTalk can only be used when the people communicating have the KakaoTalk application installed and available. The two or more people communicating must have KakaoTalk installed, which means both the users who intend to communicate for free must have KakaoTalk downloaded and installed on their devices. The KakaoTalk application is widely available on the internet in general, on the Apple iTunes store, Windows Microsoft Store and Android Playstore.


KakaoTalk is constantly working on offering some new and excellent features for KakaoTalk within the KakaoTalk application beginning from enhances communication services to portal services, content services, e-commerce services, gaming services, fin-tech services, mobility and life services, carpooling services, channels and finally social impact services. The following service offerings are further categorized into more service offerings such as Daum, DaumNews, DaumSearch, KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, KakaoTalk Cheez, DaumMail, DaumCafé, Agit, Tistory, Brunch, KakaoPage, KakaoTV, KakaoMusic, KakaoFriends, DaumWebtoon, 1boon, StoryFunding, Kakao Gift, KakaoMart, KakaoStyle, DaumShopping, KakaoGame, KakaoPay, KakaoT, KakaoDriver, KakaoNavi, KakaoMap, KakaoBus, KakaoMetro, KakaoHairshop, KakaoPlace, KakaoTogether and KakaoMakers.KakaoTalk also offers group chats, conference calls and channels that provide KakaoTalk users the information on the latest interests, hottest trends and other search functions. Apart from this, KakaoTalk is constantly working on adding a number of other features are also said to be added that have not been disclosed about yet. But this is pretty much sure that KakaoTalk is going to become more and more exciting for its users than ever before. Due to the exciting multiple service offerings, KakaoTalk is becoming a widespread and popular a free mobile instant messaging application gradually replacing the other a free mobile instant messaging applications.

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