Benefits of Passing Microsoft 70-744 Exam and Reasons to Use Practice Tests


As a leading software company, Microsoft strives to offer server security solutions to clients. This is achieved through specific steps like the implementation of threat detection solutions and protecting the Windows Server environment. This is the work performed by specialists who have undergone Microsoft training and have obtained the required certification.

One of the exams that prepare test takers to perform these duties is Microsoft 70-744. This test denoted as Securing Windows Server 2016 leads to your earning of the MCSE Core Infrastructure credential.

Well, this post will discuss one specified exam 70-744 and outline possible reasons to use practice tests in the assessment procedure.

Exam 70-744 Description

Let’s start with the basics. 70-744 dumps test comprises 40-60 issues to be solved that are presented in various formats. Some of the question formats include build list, multiple-choice active screen, hot areas, review screen, drag and drop, mark review, and case studies. Further, candidates will have 2 hours to tackle all the tasks by previously paying the fee of $165.

Skills Tested

Thereby, the exam is designed for applicants with knowledge on how to protect the Windows Server 2016 environment. Pretenders will be required to demonstrate own skills to complete various tasks such as:

  • Implementing solutions for server hardening
  • Securing a framework for virtualization
  • Securing a network infrastructure
  • Privileged identities management
  • Implementing of solutions for detecting threats
  • Implementing of security specific to workload

Microsoft 70-744 Exam Preparation

There are numerous ways to carry on the groundwork for this Microsoft assessment, but the top-rated ones are vendor preparation options such as online and instructor-led courses, practice tests, and study guides. Besides that, you can refer to web resources offering valuable details about the test.

This way, feel free to visit YouTube and other platforms where you can find tutorials and publications developed by professionals in the field. More, Amazon has an excellent exam 70-744 tutorial written by the experts to help you with the test.

Benefits of Passing Exam 70-744 and Getting Microsoft MCSE Certified

The Microsoft MCSE Core Infrastructure credential plays a role in verifying its holder’s qualification and competence in various sets of skills. The certification offers you what is needed to advance the career and have a chance to get a desired six-figure salary.

If you want even more motivation, career professionals can attest to the availability of numerous opportunities in the IT field. With 70-744 exam and related certification, you can take advantage of various bonuses, including:

  • Success in Driven by Technology Organizations

Many businesses are now affected by advancements in technology. This field has always taken center stage as to the implementation of enterprise strategies. A slight gap in your skills can affect one or two areas in business such as staff productivity, client support, and effectiveness of IT systems.

The majority of experts in the recruiting industry understand that investing in the training of personnel is cheaper than hiring new specialists. This is due to the fact that existing workers are valuable assets treated decently by the company. So, getting the MCSE Core Infrastructure certification will help you become highly respected by the boss.

  • Knowledge Is Key to Business Growth

The skill level of a professional is validated by the way a company operates in the IT sector. This is why every HR manager must know why possessing authoritative credentials in systems management and networking field is vital for their team performance. Companies with MCSE Core Infrastructure certified professionals in the team don’t experience server downtimes and tend to enjoy high quality IT support. That’s why most businesses are searching for these rare individuals.

  • Job Security and Productivity

Passing the 70-744 exam to earn the MCSE Core Infrastructure credential will certainly increase your chances of getting employed with hiring managers willing to promote you in ensuring their reliable IT structure. It means that MCSE certified professionals are seen as a skillful resource for companies that offer extra enrichment to the department’s value and cohesiveness.

  • Helps You Stand Out

Regardless of equality of other aspects, a recruiting specialist will seek for your credentials in the first place. The quiet agreement amongst most employers in the field of IT is that credentials demonstrate the level of a specialist’s determination to perform their work and contribute to bringing changes in the field. With such an expert qualification, you’re going to be recognized, accepted, and stand out among your peers.

Career Opportunities and Prospective Salary

  • Information Technology (IT) Manager
  • System Administrator in Windows Server
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Senior Systems Engineer

In accordance with the above information, the salary survey website reports that Microsoft certified solution experts can get an average salary of $120,000 per year.

Why Prepare with Microsoft 70-744 Practice Tests?

Practice tests provide the best and reliable method to prepare for any exam. They have been prepared and uploaded online to help test takers get ready for the test with ease. You can be assured so that practice questions and answers for exam 70-744 have been certified by Windows Server 2016 professionals to make sure these are valid and updated for this assessment. They assist you in understanding the structure of the test as well as the manner of handling it.

With the help of practice tests, you can gauge the level of understanding study topics and concepts. The best thing is they don’t have limits as you can use them a plurality of times until gaining complete confidence.

Check your exam readiness level by getting exam dumps from and use them efficiently. In addition, the site also offers the free 70-744 ETE Player which is the software recreating the test atmosphere where you can download questions with answers and prepare for the exam comprehensively.

Bottom Line

Obtaining the MSCE Core Infrastructure certification is one of the best ways to enhance your career and earn an impressive salary, also with numerous benefits that bring value to the working place.

Don’t be shy and grasp the needed Microsoft 70-744 exam that assists you in becoming a certified expert in Windows Server 2016 Security, but remember to prepare well by using practice tests and other reliable preparation materials!

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